Wednesday Eats



Veggie-Rific Egg Casserole

– Overnight Oatmeal Base + Toppings

I added fresh blueberries and Kashi Go Lean Honey Almond Flax cereal to the oatmeal base today.

Had planned on getting to work early today to catch up on paperwork, but that didn’t quite happen – an invisible force made my hand reset the alarm.  I had a cup of coffee at work (unpictured) with a spash of skim milk to get me going.  Feeling a bit sluggish today, probably because I (no, I mean invisible force) reset my alarm – should have just gotten up!


My salad inspired by my new container:

– 2 oz turkey breast

– 1/2 oz dried edamame for crunch

– 1/2 cup dried beans (black/pintos)

– mixed greens, shredded carrots, red peppers

…and some healthy fat: ~1/4 avocado & splash of balsamic vinaigrette


Followed by the Dark Chocolate Ghirardelli from last night!  The perfect end to a filling salad.



The usual~1 Tbsp almond butter on TJ’s low calorie wheat bread.  I had this around 2:30, followed by a marathon of initial consultations.  One of which was accidentally scheduled as a follow-up – threw me behind, which is my pet peeze.  Makes me feel frazzled and I hate for my patients to sit in the waiting room.  Anyways, finished up with patients around 5:30 and my brain was DONE – I chatted with our fitness trainer and good friend, Arielle, for about 30 minutes to decompress.  We shared some Kashi Original 7 Grain crackers and I had a wedge of Laughing Cow Cheese (unpictured) before I headed home.  Also had some carrots in the car – don’t worry, I took this picture at a stoplight…


I probably had 1/3 of the bag.   Still feeling really hungry when I got home – I think it’s the combo of being tired and having a super busy day.  I microwaved another serving of the egg casserole (yes, I know…again, I’ve got to get some variety here) with some extra 2% cheese on top & polenta with 2% cheese stirred in.  While I waited for these to heat, I was guilty of taking a few bites of my Dijon Potato Salad from the center of this bowl (1/3 cup?) before I took a picture…this is what I put back in the refrigerator: DSC01725 DSC01726DSC01728

Looking forward to my day off tomorrow – I won’t have as much  “me-time” as usual since I have an appointment with an allergist and the dentist, but I can’t complain.  Working 4 days a week isn’t too shabby! 🙂


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