Protein Burnout/Rant

One hour after my snack of cereal, and I’m hungry – this time it’s real stomach growling hunger.  I did a quick calorie count and I’m at 1600 or so for the day, so I’ve had plenty of food.  I’ve got to take my own advice and snack on protein instead of carbs!  I’m just so tired of protein.  It’s been pushed on me since I was 10, with the mantra that carbs are evil.  As an RD, I know that carbs aren’t evil and that they are necessary fuel, but I still desire them and fear them at the same time.  I also know the benefits of a higher protein diet for satiety and muscle preservation, but I am SICK of protein!  I’ve eaten cottage cheese, Greek yogurt, and cheese sticks at snacks for years, and it’s getting old.  I’m trying to mix it up with carbs instead (because that’s what I crave anyways), but they don’t have the same staying power.   And I wonder why I struggle with weight loss…this excess snacking has to stop!

Even with all this being said, I can’t stand going to bed hungry, so I’m having two slices of low-cal TJ’s bread and a Laughing Cow wedge:


Feeling a bit dejected at the moment, but it will pass.  At least I’m not binging.


2 Responses to Protein Burnout/Rant

  1. Kath says:

    Protein is SO overrated!!! Eat your carbs and love them 🙂 (With water – to plump ’em up)

    • rddailybites says:

      Haha – oh I do! I’d go crazy if I didn’t (although crazy is a relative term, so maybe I should say crazier). Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

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