Post-Dress Rehearsal Party and Saturday Breakfast

Last night’s post-dress rehearsal party was fun (besides the part about it not starting until after my usual bedtime …makes me feel old). The party was close to my mother-in-law’s house, so we dropped Kenan off to play with his “sister-in-law”, Kyler.  Kyler is an adorable shitzu who thinks she’s as big as Kenan.

It was an outdoor event, so it was a bit humid; otherwise, I have no complaints.  We chatted with some friends from college, and I met a few more of Jim’s friends from high school.  I also met the bride-to-be (Alice Ann) for the first time; she was super sweet and I’m glad she’ll be living close to Charlotte after the wedding. Just to confuse everyone, the groom-to-be is also named Jim – he’s a friend of my Jim’s from high school/college.  We forgave him for going to NC State since he came back to UNC for dental school.  😉


Donna (my husband’s best friend’s girlfriend turned my good friend as well), Alice Ann, and me

I had three Miller Lites over the span of 3 hours, and my hand might have found a handful or two of peanuts and chex mix.  I also had 1/2 of a homemade chocolate chip cookie when we picked up Kenan.  But, no post-drinking munchies once we got home at 1 am.  🙂

I didn’t get up until 10 today…no hangover, thank goodness.  I had a variety bowl of cereal in TJ’s Vanilla Soymilk: 2/3 cup cheeries, 1/2 cup Kashi GOLEAN Crunch Honey Almond Flax, 1/3 cup Peanut Butter Bumpers, and 1/2 oz almonds:


Have I mentioned I love cereal?

This should be my last blurry picture – my camera does have a macro setting; I just didn’t know it existed until Kath mentioned it.  My husband will agree that I’m technologically challenged and usually has to show me this sort of thing…but I figured this one out myself (with the help of Kath’s prompting and the online camera manual….shhhh!)

Alright, time to be productive since we have to leave the house by 4 for the wedding tonight.  I want to get in a good workout on the elliptical and do some strength training; maybe I’ll take care of the weekly grocery store run too if I have time.


2 Responses to Post-Dress Rehearsal Party and Saturday Breakfast

  1. Kath says:

    OH GOOD!! Glad you found it. It’ll be a night and day difference for food photos 🙂

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