Spontaneous Run and Homemade Pizza!

I took Kenan on a walk around 6pm, and it turned out to be a run instead… We were about 10 minutes down the road when Jim drove up – Kenan went crazy and wanted in the car, so I let him go home.  Decided I would run instead and surprisingly, it was my best run in a few weeks – I think I ran for about 40-45 and walked for 15-20 total.   Not sure about the distance since I didn’t have my GPS.  My shin splints felt fine and I was able to pick up the pace a bit near the end.  Gotta love the endorphin rush!

Finished up running around 7 and made up my mind on dinner – Jim ate earlier, so I was on my own.  I wanted pizza but realized I didn’t have a roller!  I’ve never used fresh dough and I”m not a big baker, so there was never a need for one before.  I grabbed 4 or 5 baby carrots to stave off hunger (unpictured) and made a quick run to Harris Teeter for the roller.  I got caught up in the produce section and also remembered I needed to pick up a cookie cake for a coworker’s birthday on Wednesday, so my quick trip turned out to be about 40 minutes instead of 20.

Finally home, I got to work on my masterpiece.  I used Trader Joe’s whole wheat pizza dough:


Per package directions, I let this sit at room temp for 20 minutes or so, floured some parchment paper, and then rolled away until it was about 12 inches in diameter.


I topped it with 1/2 jar of TJ’s fat free pizza sauce, about 2 cups (?) light mozzarella cheese, 1 serving of Ciao pepperoni, about 2/3 of a chopped zucchini, 1 small chopped onion, and a handful of fresh mushrooms.  I stole a few pepperoni slices while I was chopping up the veggies.


Ready for the oven – 450 degrees for 6-8 minutes.


Out of the oven and sliced into 8 servings – I didn’t do the nutrition calculations since I eyeballed the ingredients this time, but I think each slice has 225-250 calories.  Not too bad for a really tasty piece of pizza!

DSC01841 DSC01840



On my plate: one slice of homemade pizza, handful of mushrooms and zucchini dipped in pizza sauce.  The crust was fabulous, and the veggies added so much flavor.  I didn’t really taste the pepperoni, so next time I’ll probably leave it out completely.  This will definitely be making some repeat appearances over the next week, but I’m not complaining one bit!


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