Fish-y Day!

Finished 45 minutes on the elliptical, but then my appetite got the best of me – I bailed on strength training.  Jim grilled chicken for himself and salmon for me. It’s been a fish-y day today – tuna for lunch and salmon for dinner, with leftovers to spare (Jim made an extra unpictured fillet)!


I coated the top with a mixture of low sodium soy sauce and teriyaki sauce, then Jim grilled it on a cedar plank for 15-20 minutes.  While he grilled, I sauteed some onions, frozen veggies, and roasted red peppers in olive oil, apple cider vinegar, and garlic powder.  I added a sprinkle of sliced almonds at the end, too.


Whoops….made too many veggies….


I saved the remains for later, so I could have room for dessert:


Fresh pineapple…


…and a small bowl of Kashi Mighty Bites and Peanut Butter Bumpers cereal with 1% milk.

I really am obsessed with cereal, I think….


4 Responses to Fish-y Day!

  1. lynetteess says:

    WOW – that veggie plate looks delish – in fact everything looks great!

  2. angiesappetite says:

    Hey Danielle! Just found your blog! I am an RD as well and relatively new to the blogging world- I started in April. I also work in weight management/wellness- look forward to continuing to read and keep posted. Thanks!

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