Poor Kenan…

Kenan has thrown up twice again today – I wish I knew what was wrong with my baby!  He’s been eating grass, which I’ve heard dogs do to induce vomiting when they don’t feel well.  Jim googled it this morning, and some of the sites said we should give him boiled chicken breast and white rice.  I only had brown rice on hand, so I figured couscous would be less fibrous and easier on his stomach:


Best darn meal he’s ever eaten I bet…


It was gone in less than 30 seconds!

Since I already had the couscous cooked, I decided to pair it with leftovers from last night:


Salmon, veggies with slivered almonds, and couscous with a pat of Earth Balance margarine


Just as good reheated as it was last night!  Kenan barked at me several times during my meal; apparently, he wanted seconds on the couscous.  It would have been better cooked in low sodium chicken broth, but I was trying to keep it plain for his sake.


I had a side of fresh pineapple for dessert – by far my favorite fruit!  This one was cut at the peak of ripeness, too!


…and now I’m sipping on some coffee with a splash of 1% milk.

I think I’m going to go to the Farmer’s Market on Kings Street after I shower, and then I’ll make the usual Target/Trader Joe’s run.  Might stop by Harris Teeter as well since they have milk, eggs, and Kashi GOLEAN on sale this week.  Better get showered up, I think I still smell from this morning’s excursion!


4 Responses to Poor Kenan…

  1. Anthony Sepe says:

    Hi Danielle,
    I hope Keenan is doing better this afternoonn. I feel badly for the little tike.

    Like you, I am a dietitian, my name is Anthony and,have known the struggles of weight management and have counseled many. As a clinical dietitian, I share your load (not renal solute, either 🙂 )

    I have a website at: http://www.medicalnutritiontherapyservices.com and I invite you to join my on Blogger at: http://fromadietitiansperspective.blogspot.com . Looking forward to sharing with you. I have subed to your RSS and will be following.

    Nice to meet you and have a wonderful day.
    Best regards,
    Anthony Sepe

  2. Gina says:

    Hello Danielle! I’m glad you visited my blog, and I do not mind at all if you put me on your blog roll, or “reader”..is it the same thing?

    I hope your dog gets better. At first I thought you were talking about a child and I was like “he’s eating grass? Umm…maybe that’s why he’s throwing up!!” Haha, oops. Have a good one!

    • Danielle says:

      I think they’re the same thing – I’m still new at this, so who knows.

      Haha…I bet you thought I was crazy! Kenan is my “furchild” – Jim and I refer to him as our son and our baby all the time. Crazy pet owners! 🙂

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