Beware: Watching The Hangover = Slight Hangover

Last night’s dinner & movie outing was a blast, but I’m feeling the effects today –  let’s back up about 16 hours or so…

I knew we weren’t eating last night until 8pm or later (much later than usual for me), so I snacked more than usual over the course of the afternoon:


whole wheat bread with light cream cheese around 3:30pm before I left for the Farmer’s Market

I decided on the Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market since the King’s Street Market closes at 3.  The regional one is a bit farther for me, but has a bigger selection.  Not nearly as big as the market in Raleigh I frequented during college, but local farmers nonetheless.  I came home with this bounty for less than $10:


And of course, I had to incorporate one of those peaches into my snack at 4:30pm:


One slices peach and ~1/2 cup cottage cheese – I was a bit let down; the peach was a little mealy and not sweet enough!  I can always freeze them for smoothies if none of them meet my standards, so it won’t be a total loss.  After my snack, I completed the weekly grocery run.  I opted for Harris Teeter and Earthfare this week and am excited to try apple butter from Earthfare.  Expect to see it sometime soon!  I also purchased some fresh local bread – I thought it was whole wheat, but turns out I grabbed rye.  Once returning home around 7 with a headache and hungry, I decided to try a piece of the rye with a smear of Earth Balance margarine heated in the microwave:


Usually I don’t like rye, but the carraway seeds weren’t overpowering – nice for a change of pace.  And I couldn’t resist a spoon of the fresh ground almond butter I picked up:


So much tastier than normal jarred nut butter!

We finally left to pick up Donna for dinner at 7:30, but it took us 45 minutes instead of 15 to drive downtown and find a parking spot!  Phantom of the Opera was playing and there was a “Dubs Show” as well – I can’t believe they have entire shows dedicated to car rims, but whatever floats your boat I guess.   Donna and I might see Phantom in the next week or so if we can find decent priced tickets though.

We decided on Harper’s Grill for dinner.  Surprisingly, it was basically empty and we were seated immediately.  I tried to order a glass of Pinot Grigio, but they were out!  The waitress talked me into a glass of sparkling wine instead (forgive me – I’m no wine connoisseur and can’t recall the name) – she said it wasn’t champagne, but it tasted like it to me!  I had two glasses throughout the meal.  I started with a house salad with light oriental dressing and chose the special as my entree – Mahi Mahi over a bed of garlic grits.  I asked for asparagus instead of the grits, but they brought out both – so of course, I had to try them…okay, so I ate most of them.  They were so good!   Since it was Donna’s birthday, the waitress also brought us a complimentary brownie – I had about three bites.

Sorry there aren’t any pictures – I just don’t feel comfortable telling everyone I’m doing this yet.  To you seasoned bloggers, how long did it take before you started taking pictures in public?   Any suggestions on how to get over my insecurities about it?

After dinner, we walked the two or three blocks to the 21+ theater at Epicenter.   The Hangover was hysterical – I haven’t laughed that much at a movie in a long time.  I’m sure the two Miller Lites I had helped, but I think it would have been just as funny sober!  After the movie, we walked back to Donna’s place and chated for a bit before heading home.  Jim and I went to bed at 1am – late for us “old married folks.”

I woke up this morning at 6 with a slight headache and achy stomach, so I took two Ibuprofen with a huge glass of water and slice of rye toast.  Then I went back to sleep…until 10am!  Half my day is gone now, oh well – at least my headache feels better.

Breakfast (or should I say brunch?) was a bowl of cereal and coffee:


1 cup Kashi GOLEAN, 1/2 cup Kashi Mighty Bites, and 1 cup 1% milk


I’m on my second cup now – both with a splash of 1% milk.

Kenan appears to be feeling better.   He didn’t throw up last night and so far, has kept down a cup of normal dog food.  He’s probably disappointed he won’t be eating couscous and chicken breast every day! 🙂

Today should be a pretty relaxing day – I have nothing on the agenda besides a workout and cleaning up around the house.  Donna said there was a big sale at Anthropologie, so I might hit that up later if I feel up to getting dressed in real clothes…haha.


5 Responses to Beware: Watching The Hangover = Slight Hangover

  1. Gina says:

    I hate waiting until 8 pm to eat dinner, but like you, I often have to wait when we are going to dinner for birthday’s and stuff. Most of the time I snack, even before leaving, around 7 pm, and everyone is like “why would you eat before we go to dinner??” and I’m like “I’m hungry! If I get there and I’m starving, I’ll eat everything in sight!”.

    Ugh, I hate it when I buy mealy peaches. You would think in the summer, especially when they are fresh, they would be juicy and sweet! So disappointing.

    As far as being afraid to take pictures in public, I was right there with you about 4 months ago. In fact, a couple times I would go as far as bringing my camera with me, but then just chicken out and never bring it out. One night my BF was like “just take a picture!!”, so I did. Since then it’s been super easy, and I can’t believe I was ever afraid, or felt wierd doing it before. So my advice is to just take a picture and get it over with, you’ll be hooked.

    • Danielle says:

      Glad to know I’m not the only one who was a bit nervous about picture-taking in public! I’m going out to eat with coworkers tomorrow night, so we’ll see if I’m brave enough….fingers crossed. It’s not so much the picture taking, but the explanation part. Guess I’ll have to let them in on my secret. 🙂

  2. Kath says:

    I’ve always taken photos in public! I just smile and cheerfully say “I have a food blog!”

    • Danielle says:

      …and hand out your business cards (which are super cute BTW). I’m so thankful you did! I had no clue the food blog world even existed before you. 🙂

  3. I’ve only been blogging for about 2 weeks and I just took that camera out and started snapping! I guess I don’t care what other people think….

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