High Flying Fun

This post is not food-oriented at all, but I wanted to share the pictures from yesterday’s flying excursion.  It was so much fun!


On the ground…


The control panel…


Me and Dad geared up…


It’s so pretty up there!


We flew over my parent’s and grandparent’s houses.  My parents live in the “hole” on the left and my grandparents live in the “hole” on the right.  The houses are buried in the trees, but you can see the pool, garden shed, and pond.


This is the pond where I learned to fish as a child…


You can almost see the garden…


Pretty blue sky…


Back in the hanger…


Reminds of a “Bob the Builder” character from this angle.  And check out this crazy contraption…


You won’t catch me (or my Dad) in that thing!

I was going to post a video as well, but apparently I would have to pay for a “video upgrade” – I think I pass on shelling out cash.  Ya’ll can use your imaginations on this one.  😉


4 Responses to High Flying Fun

  1. Cool! I flew in one of those tiny planes when I was in South Africa a few summers ago. It really feels like you’re flying!!

  2. Gina says:

    Wow, looks like so much fun!! Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures 🙂

  3. Thanks for posting pictures! You live in a beautiful place!

    • Danielle says:

      Lynn – South Africa must have been awesome. I bet you saw a lot of wild life from the air!

      Gina – Thanks for taking the time to look at them! 🙂

      owlandsparrow – I actually don’t live there anymore, but my parents/grandparents still do. It was a great place to grow up though! Very peaceful.

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