Blogging with a Chaotic Mind

I’m finding myself pulling away from blogging because my mind is on overdrive.  A lot has happened in the past two or three days:

1) I officially registered for the Virginia Beach Rock-n-Roll Half Marathon – scary…signing up makes it real now.

2) The husband and I celebrated our 2 year anniversary – I can’t believe it’s been that long already!

3) I’m in the midst of reading “The Blessing” for my Companions in Christ group – it’s all about how not receiving your parent’s blessing affects your other relationships, a touchy subject for me.

4) I will be leaving the real world for a week as of Saturday – we’re vacationing to Jim’s family’s farm house in the middle of nowhere.  Seriously, no Internet…just hiking and fishing.  It will be great to have some real down time though.

5) I just had an intense therapy session (I won’t go into details on that one….let’s just say I have a lot on my mind)

With all this going on, blogging my meals wasn’t at the top of my list.  I’m debating if I should just take a break until after I get back from vacation since I can’t access the internet that entire week anyways.

Do any of you seasoned bloggers ever feel burned out?   If so, how do you deal with the “blogging blah’s”?


3 Responses to Blogging with a Chaotic Mind

  1. Gina says:

    I feel you, really, I do! I am leaving for vacation on Monday and I was debating whether or not to blog while I was there. I’ve decided against it.

    I do sometimes feel burned out by blogging, but that is when I know I need a break, because blogging is supposed to be fun!

  2. Wow – congratulations on enrolling in the marathon…I’m not quite there yet (not close to anywhere near there yet, actually) 🙂 That’s wonderful! What date was your wedding? Our two-year anniversary is next week (the 14th), and yes, it has flown by for us, too!!! I’ve never heard of that book before, but it sounds interesting. Good luck with that, since you said it’s a touchy subject.

    Have a wonderful time on vacation! I think I’d take a break till after you get back, if you’re feeling overwhelmed with posting. You’ll probably feel much more refreshed and ready to write after such a nice trip.

    • Danielle says:

      Gina and owlandsparrow – Thanks for the encouragement! I already feel better today knowing that I’ve had a bit of time away from the blog world. Should be ready to go by the time I return. 🙂

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