High Flying Fun

July 3, 2009

This post is not food-oriented at all, but I wanted to share the pictures from yesterday’s flying excursion.  It was so much fun!


On the ground…


The control panel…


Me and Dad geared up…


It’s so pretty up there!


We flew over my parent’s and grandparent’s houses.  My parents live in the “hole” on the left and my grandparents live in the “hole” on the right.  The houses are buried in the trees, but you can see the pool, garden shed, and pond.


This is the pond where I learned to fish as a child…


You can almost see the garden…


Pretty blue sky…


Back in the hanger…


Reminds of a “Bob the Builder” character from this angle.  And check out this crazy contraption…


You won’t catch me (or my Dad) in that thing!

I was going to post a video as well, but apparently I would have to pay for a “video upgrade” – I think I pass on shelling out cash.  Ya’ll can use your imaginations on this one.  😉


Flying vegetables!

June 28, 2009



Breakfast cookie with 1/3 cup oats, splash of Almond Breeze, 1/2 tsp cocoa, 1 Tbsp pbu on top, and a drizzle of agave…


…and some egg substitute with low fat mozzarella tucked inside.

I also had a cup of green tea with skim milk:

After breakfast, I drove to meet my dad at the regional airport. I am so upset – my camera died on the airfield today!  I took a picture of some of the other planes:


…and the tail of the one we were taking…


…and then the battery went dead!

It’s my own fault for not checking before I left.  We had a great time though – he even let me fly (or attempt to fly) for a bit.  The hard part was seeing over the dashboard because I’m so short.  Next time I need to bring a big pillow.

We made a pit stop in Gastonia to celebrate his and my grandmother-in-law’s birthday.  Lunch was a spread – roast beef, potato casserole, shrimp etufe, rice, okra, fried squash, salad, and rolls.  I had 3 oz or so of the roast beef, 1/2 cup of potato casserole, 1/4 cup of shrimp, a few pieces of okra, two small slices of fried squash, and salad.  I skipped the rolls and rice to save room for dessert – a Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake!  YUM!

After lunch, we flew for another hour or so and then landed to exchange goodies.  His birthday present for a huge bag of veggies from the garden, homemade pickles, and fresh zucchini bread.  Check out my crisper – totally packed!


Flying vegetables!  – cucumbers, okra, yellow squash, and zucchini (it’s hiding underneath)…


…and the pickles which I’ll open sometime this week.

I was starting to feel a bit sluggish around 4, so I had a protein bar on the drive home.  It’s Healthwise, the brand we carry at my office – not natural by any means, but it did the job.  I don’t have a picture since I hadn’t made it home to change the camera battery yet.   After putting up my goodies, I set out to do the P90X Yoga – it was 90 minutes and no walk in the park.  I’m still flexible from my former dance/twirling days, but there were some moves I couldn’t master.

Dinner was fairly light due to the large lunch:


Mixed-up bowl of squash, zucchini, onions, tofu, and mozzarella flavored with champagne vinegar and dill


I couldn’t resist trying a slice of my mom’s homemade zucchini/blueberry bread.  It was really good, but I’m feeling a bit stuffed now.  Too many sweets in one day!

Well, it’s time for this girl to shower and wind down.  I hope everyone had wonderful weekends – I know I did! 🙂

Big Daddy’s Burger Bar

June 22, 2009

My snacks from last night:


a small peach…


…and 4 oz of skim milk

I was still hungry as I was trying to fall asleep, so I had a cheese stick around 11 as well (unpictured).

Now another Monday draws to a close…it’s been a jam-packed day on too little sleep.  I went to bed last night at 10:30 but didn’t fall asleep until well after midnight.  This insomnia thing has got to improve!  I didn’t have to be at work until 9am, so I mentally cancelled my workout last night and reset my alarm for 8.  Luckily, I awoke at 7:15 and decided I would feel better if I worked out – I did a quick 30 minutes on the elliptical followed by breakfast:


A slice of my veggie-rific egg substitute casserole (see recipe page) from the freezer…


…and overnight oatmeal (1/4 cup nonfat plain yogurt, 1/4 cup almond breeze, 1/3 cup oatmeal) topped with 1/2 oz almonds and a drizzle of agave nectar.   The egg casserole wasn’t as good this time around – it was pretty watery, but it was quick and easy so I can’t complain.  The combo lasted me until lunch around 12:30.  I brought a leftover burger from last night, but decided I would save that for tomorrow’s lunch since I had plans to go out for burgers at dinner.  Instead I had the following:


…cucumbers from the farmer’s market (you can definitely tell the difference in taste!), carrots, and a slice of rye with 2 Tbsp fresh ground almond butter & a drizzle of agave nectar.  I ended the meal with 1/2 cup Greek yogurt topped with a bit of the strawberry glaze I made last night.


Looks sort of gross, but it was tasty!

After lunch, Renee (one of the other RDs at my office) and I went for a 30 minute walk.  So refreshing!  Lunch lasted me until 4, and then I decided it was time for a snack.


This one’s self-explanatory 😉

Dinner was girls’ night out with Renee and Arielle – we went to Big Daddy’s Burger Bar.  The names implies grease pit, so I was shocked at the selection of healthier fare.  There was a huge selection of burgers and “fixins” along with entree salads; you could even create your own salad, which I decided was my best bet.  I chose the buffalo burger on a bed of romaine lettuce, mushrooms, chickpeas, cucumbers, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, and pecans/balsamic vinaigrette on the side.

I am proud to say I took my first food picture in public! Granted it’s not too odd in front of an RD and fitness trainer, but it’s a start, right?


This was my first experience with bison and after this tasty burger, I’m a fan!  I finished all of the burger, most of the salad, 1/2 the nuts, and 1/4 of the dressing (which was really thick for a vinaigrette)…


I wasn’t that hungry after dinner, but still wanted something sweet to end the night…


1/2 cup each Peanut Butter Bumpers and Kashi Mighty Bites with skim milk

Going to catch up on reading blogs, and then it’s off to bed.  Nighty nite! 🙂

Beware: Watching The Hangover = Slight Hangover

June 21, 2009

Last night’s dinner & movie outing was a blast, but I’m feeling the effects today –  let’s back up about 16 hours or so…

I knew we weren’t eating last night until 8pm or later (much later than usual for me), so I snacked more than usual over the course of the afternoon:


whole wheat bread with light cream cheese around 3:30pm before I left for the Farmer’s Market

I decided on the Charlotte Regional Farmer’s Market since the King’s Street Market closes at 3.  The regional one is a bit farther for me, but has a bigger selection.  Not nearly as big as the market in Raleigh I frequented during college, but local farmers nonetheless.  I came home with this bounty for less than $10:


And of course, I had to incorporate one of those peaches into my snack at 4:30pm:


One slices peach and ~1/2 cup cottage cheese – I was a bit let down; the peach was a little mealy and not sweet enough!  I can always freeze them for smoothies if none of them meet my standards, so it won’t be a total loss.  After my snack, I completed the weekly grocery run.  I opted for Harris Teeter and Earthfare this week and am excited to try apple butter from Earthfare.  Expect to see it sometime soon!  I also purchased some fresh local bread – I thought it was whole wheat, but turns out I grabbed rye.  Once returning home around 7 with a headache and hungry, I decided to try a piece of the rye with a smear of Earth Balance margarine heated in the microwave:


Usually I don’t like rye, but the carraway seeds weren’t overpowering – nice for a change of pace.  And I couldn’t resist a spoon of the fresh ground almond butter I picked up:


So much tastier than normal jarred nut butter!

We finally left to pick up Donna for dinner at 7:30, but it took us 45 minutes instead of 15 to drive downtown and find a parking spot!  Phantom of the Opera was playing and there was a “Dubs Show” as well – I can’t believe they have entire shows dedicated to car rims, but whatever floats your boat I guess.   Donna and I might see Phantom in the next week or so if we can find decent priced tickets though.

We decided on Harper’s Grill for dinner.  Surprisingly, it was basically empty and we were seated immediately.  I tried to order a glass of Pinot Grigio, but they were out!  The waitress talked me into a glass of sparkling wine instead (forgive me – I’m no wine connoisseur and can’t recall the name) – she said it wasn’t champagne, but it tasted like it to me!  I had two glasses throughout the meal.  I started with a house salad with light oriental dressing and chose the special as my entree – Mahi Mahi over a bed of garlic grits.  I asked for asparagus instead of the grits, but they brought out both – so of course, I had to try them…okay, so I ate most of them.  They were so good!   Since it was Donna’s birthday, the waitress also brought us a complimentary brownie – I had about three bites.

Sorry there aren’t any pictures – I just don’t feel comfortable telling everyone I’m doing this yet.  To you seasoned bloggers, how long did it take before you started taking pictures in public?   Any suggestions on how to get over my insecurities about it?

After dinner, we walked the two or three blocks to the 21+ theater at Epicenter.   The Hangover was hysterical – I haven’t laughed that much at a movie in a long time.  I’m sure the two Miller Lites I had helped, but I think it would have been just as funny sober!  After the movie, we walked back to Donna’s place and chated for a bit before heading home.  Jim and I went to bed at 1am – late for us “old married folks.”

I woke up this morning at 6 with a slight headache and achy stomach, so I took two Ibuprofen with a huge glass of water and slice of rye toast.  Then I went back to sleep…until 10am!  Half my day is gone now, oh well – at least my headache feels better.

Breakfast (or should I say brunch?) was a bowl of cereal and coffee:


1 cup Kashi GOLEAN, 1/2 cup Kashi Mighty Bites, and 1 cup 1% milk


I’m on my second cup now – both with a splash of 1% milk.

Kenan appears to be feeling better.   He didn’t throw up last night and so far, has kept down a cup of normal dog food.  He’s probably disappointed he won’t be eating couscous and chicken breast every day! 🙂

Today should be a pretty relaxing day – I have nothing on the agenda besides a workout and cleaning up around the house.  Donna said there was a big sale at Anthropologie, so I might hit that up later if I feel up to getting dressed in real clothes…haha.

Reader Introductions

June 18, 2009

Okay, so I probably have all of 5 readers, but I’d like to get to know you…

1) Do you have any current health goals, and if so, what are they?

2) What’s your favorite food combo?

3) Are you a dog person, cat person, or neither?

My answers:

1) More real food, less processed stuff. Avoid artificial sweeteners. Lose weight without becoming overly anal about calories. Run Virginia Beach half-marathon in September.

2) Cereal and Milk!

3) Dog person; I’m allergic to cats but still think they’re cute.

Wedding Festivities

June 14, 2009

Yesterday’s wedding was beautiful, and a lot of fun.  As I’m looking through my pictures, I’m really disappointed I don’t have any of the bride or groom!  I should have tracked them down and made them pose for me…oh well.


Dinner was buffet style – I had 2 chicken skewers (maybe 1.5 oz of chicken total), 2 meatballs, 1/3 cup of artichoke/potato casserole dish, 4 wheat crackers, 3 cubes of colby jack cheese, 1 cup of raw veggies, 1/2 cup of the sweetest strawberries ever (they had to be from a local farmer or something), and 2 pieces of fresh pineapple.  I also had a small piece of the groomsmen cake – it was chocolate with chocolate icing and a layer of hardened chocolate on the outside…superb!  I guess it’s hard to go wrong with so much chocolate involved.  This is Jim (the husband), me, and Donna after our meal.


Donna and Chris (Jim’s best friend and his girlfriend)


Family Photo


Liz (one of Jim’s good high school/college friends)

I drank more than I planned, but luckily I’m not being punished for it today.  Last night’s festivities involved 3 smallish glasses of wine, 2 Miller Lites, and 1 Michelob Ultra.  It’s hard to believe I feel okay right now, especially with wine thrown into the mix.  Surprisingly, I passed on the actual wedding cake and ended the night with 2 cups of coffee instead (I added a bit of creamer and one Splenda packet to each cup).  But….

I was pretty hungry once we got home (alcohol tends to do that…), so I had a bowl of cereal before I passed out went to bed.  At least we didn’t stop for greasy fast food!   I forgot to take off my make-up and woke up with my contacts still in – tell-tale signs that I had too much to drink.

Breakfast today was another bowl of cereal: 1/2 cup Cheerios, 1/2 cup Kashi GOLEAN Crunch Honey Almond Flax, 2/3 cup Peanut Butter Bumpers, and 1 cup of TJ’s Vanilla Soymilk.


Still loving the macro setting on my camera!


And a glass of soymilk on the side:


I must go to the grocery store today; we’re running low on quite a few things, including cereal – life without cereal would be disastrous…haha!  I’ll probably try to fit in a workout and clean up some around the house, too.  This place is a mess!  Other than that, it should be a pretty relaxing day. 🙂

Post-Dress Rehearsal Party and Saturday Breakfast

June 13, 2009

Last night’s post-dress rehearsal party was fun (besides the part about it not starting until after my usual bedtime …makes me feel old). The party was close to my mother-in-law’s house, so we dropped Kenan off to play with his “sister-in-law”, Kyler.  Kyler is an adorable shitzu who thinks she’s as big as Kenan.

It was an outdoor event, so it was a bit humid; otherwise, I have no complaints.  We chatted with some friends from college, and I met a few more of Jim’s friends from high school.  I also met the bride-to-be (Alice Ann) for the first time; she was super sweet and I’m glad she’ll be living close to Charlotte after the wedding. Just to confuse everyone, the groom-to-be is also named Jim – he’s a friend of my Jim’s from high school/college.  We forgave him for going to NC State since he came back to UNC for dental school.  😉


Donna (my husband’s best friend’s girlfriend turned my good friend as well), Alice Ann, and me

I had three Miller Lites over the span of 3 hours, and my hand might have found a handful or two of peanuts and chex mix.  I also had 1/2 of a homemade chocolate chip cookie when we picked up Kenan.  But, no post-drinking munchies once we got home at 1 am.  🙂

I didn’t get up until 10 today…no hangover, thank goodness.  I had a variety bowl of cereal in TJ’s Vanilla Soymilk: 2/3 cup cheeries, 1/2 cup Kashi GOLEAN Crunch Honey Almond Flax, 1/3 cup Peanut Butter Bumpers, and 1/2 oz almonds:


Have I mentioned I love cereal?

This should be my last blurry picture – my camera does have a macro setting; I just didn’t know it existed until Kath mentioned it.  My husband will agree that I’m technologically challenged and usually has to show me this sort of thing…but I figured this one out myself (with the help of Kath’s prompting and the online camera manual….shhhh!)

Alright, time to be productive since we have to leave the house by 4 for the wedding tonight.  I want to get in a good workout on the elliptical and do some strength training; maybe I’ll take care of the weekly grocery store run too if I have time.